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There are so many camp offerings out there, Why should YOU choose us?

As The Head Of  Elite College Soccer Camps:

  • I am A 14 Year Head Collegiate Soccer Coach.

  • I am A Parent Of Two Children.

  • We Have The Best Collection Of Southern California Schools, More Than Anyone Else In The Country, Plus More From Outside The Region.

  • We Offer The Most Networking Opportunities.

  • Personal Attention Is A Main Goal Of Ours.

  • We Have A Proven Track Record Of Success.

  • Our Camps Are Effective But Fun, Too!

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Here Are Why Those Reasons Are So Important Above And Make Our Camps Truly Elite

I’m a parent of two children:  As a parent of two aspiring college athletes, I understand the questions, doubts, difficulties, aspirations, and false information people receive about college soccer recruitment.  I want to offer parents the ability and opportunity to hear and see the process firsthand so nobody is left wondering what they should be doing for their child in the recruitment process and a better understanding of how to empower their child in this process.  My experience as a parent who understands the concerns and priorities of other parents and one who can empathize with their desire to ensure their child’s success both academically and athletically is high on my priority list and the reason Elite College Soccer Camps exist.

I’m a 14-year Head collegiate coach and a four-year Division I athlete.  Even my wife played four years in Division I athletics, so I know firsthand, as a player (boyfriend at the time) and coach, what this process looks like from start to end.  I genuinely have Insider Knowledge that I am happy to share as the head college soccer coach to pull back the rug of what college recruiters are looking for in prospective student-athletes.  You can trust that Elite College Soccer Camps will provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your son’s or daughter’s college soccer aspirations.

The goal when this started was to offer anyone who wanted to play college soccer in Southern California the opportunity to have most of the schools represented in one place:  When we began our camps in 2011, the original thought was to create this camp opportunity with the above-referenced goals, specifically for anyone who wanted to play college soccer in and around Southern California.  We wanted to create a one-stop shop for anyone targeting schools in SoCal, regardless of Division.  And for the most part, we accomplished this.  But we wanted to add even more value, and while we still maintain the most significant proportion of our coaches from Southern California, we now add schools from across the country to appeal to our Southern California families who can save money by attending a local camp to them and getting on the radars of schools around the US.  In this way, Southern California families and non-Southern California families can benefit, fulfilling our objective of being the best collection of schools in Southern California and from other places in the country.

More Networking Opportunities: The players who make it to college programs typically make it because of the connections they have in one way or another.  Indeed, they have to be top players, but someone else will go to bat for them, whether that’s their club coach or another college coach at some point in their process.  We stress the importance of networking in college athletics with the coaches, and that’s why we offer many opportunities for 1 on 1 interaction with coaches at camp and a pre-camp Zoom.  Our camp will provide a platform for players to showcase their skills in front of college coaches, potentially opening doors to scholarship opportunities and future success.  More importantly, we allow players to get to know the coaches, speak to them, and ask them questions about the general process at nearly every step. 

Personal Attention: Rather than simply having a camp and then having players leave wondering about what’s next, we want players to know exactly what a college coach thinks of them and, as a result, schedule 1 on 1 evaluations with the coaches.  As a parent, I want to know that my son or daughter gets personalized attention and understand the importance of individualized support and guidance for young athletes.

We have a proven track record of results:  With hundreds of players going to the top to play college soccer from our camps in the past decade, the results speak for themselves.  Every camp also sells out because once word spreads, everyone wants to participate in this camp experience.

Community and Fun: Elite College Soccer Camps will provide a positive and enjoyable experience beyond the training and exposure to college recruiters; it’s also an opportunity for young athletes to connect with peers who share their passion for soccer.

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