GREAT NEWS - Our 2022 Winter Camp Date Is Confirmed,

With Multiple Guest Coaches!

All NCAA DIVISION (I, II, III) COACHES ARE REPRESENTED! Here are some of the confirmed coaches who have participated in 2022:



Last Camp Of The Year!

Monday, December 19 - @ Glendale Sports Complex 

*Groups Of 5 Or More Players Receive A Discount!

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Be sure to click on each specific camp page to see which coaches are currently confirmed to attend each camp.  Those pages will be updated daily.

Even if you're going to a top showcase in front of college coaches, with hundreds of kids on multiple fields, there is no guarantee that they'll even see you play!  Or if they do, it might be for 5 minutes!  Even worse they show up to your game and you're subbed off at the time!


That's why you come to Elite College Soccer Camps because you're guaranteed for the coaches to:

  • See you play

  • Coach you in a session

  • Evaluate you in a small-sided game

  • And teach you in the full-sided game


At Elite College Soccer camps, you'll also get:

  • Free footage of your 11v11 games

  • A verbal and written evaluation from a college coach

  • Best of all, both parents and players will get a seminar with information on what steps they should be taking after camp that will help everyone better understand the process! 

The #1 Value for Camps in the Country! 
Here are some notes from customers who have recently attended our camps and clinics.

"I was very impressed by the organization and coach involvement of this camp. I made the mistake of attending another camp that was heavily advertised and came out extremely disappointed. I was present the entire time on that other camps and saw absolutely no coach-player interaction at the end of the ID camp. Other camps feel like it is just a payday for coaches with no true recruiting interest. With the Elite College Soccer Camp, my son came away with three serious coaching interests and follow-ups. I am VERY happy overall!" - Parent of our Elite 150 Camp


This camp is the best one.  I work at a lot of camps, and by far, this is the best one.  Even better than ours!  I wish our camps were like this!" - Div 1 NCAA Guest Coach

"These are the best summer camps to find players, I love coming to Elite College Soccer Camps because of the format and player interaction.  I've found great players here." - NCAA Guest Coach

"I've been to other college ID camps, and this is for the sure the best one.  Thanks!" - A Player From Camp

"Because of this camp, my son found a home in a college soccer program.  I am confident that he wouldn't be where he is now without it.  If parents want to give their son's the best chance at playing college soccer, they need to come to every Elite College Soccer Event they can.  It certainly worked for us, and we are grateful!" - Art

"Thank you for a well organized and enjoyable ID camp, I really enjoyed myself at the camp and I felt like there was a lot of contact with coaches." - A Player From Camp

"This is hands down the best boys college ID event.  No other event cares as much about helping the players get a clearer idea of what to do after the camp ends while giving them maximum exposure to engaged college coaches throughout the entire day.  I highly recommend this clinic to everyone!!" - Bailey

"Just wanted to say thank you!!! The Elite 150 College Soccer Camp was amazing. The coaches and drills the coaches ran were great, challenging, and competitive. The organization of the camp was amazing.  And just as important, the parent zoom meeting was very informative.  Hands down this is the best camp." - Dave

"My son had a tremendous camp that you and your staff put together. The privilege to work directly with the college coaches on the field was invaluable! We look forward to coming back again soon." - Bill

"Thanks for the fun, fast-paced, and productive day of soccer, quality instruction and feedback, and hugely valuable opportunity to meet players, coaches, and staff! Easily worth the trip!" - Richard

"Thank you! As a parent, the parent-only zoom meeting was so helpful. Now I actually know what I should and should not be doing so I can help him and me in the process.  I honestly don't think that I could have had any idea how to navigate this without this camp.  This should be mandatory for every parent to learn!  But what was even better, was that my son enjoyed the camp so much and we are looking forward to the next one.  He got a lot of feedback and interest because of it. Thank you all!!!" - Catherine

"I just wanted to tell you that the camp was excellent. We have experienced a few of them now and this was by far the most professionally run. So, good job and thank you." - Charles

"I just started this journey with my son. We have been to a few college camps, but this was by far the best one. I'm ready for the next event." - Daniel

"This is truly one of the best events for kids that want to get a better understanding of the college recruiting process!" - Division 2 NCAA Guest Coach

"This is my favorite camp to attend as a college coach (shh, don't tell the other camp directors) because I get the chance to evaluate the players in the best way possible and know that I'm making a difference.  This is the top camp for prospective players and coaches, with the best format.  I love Elite College Soccer Camps and always look forward to them!" - Div 3 Guest NCAA Coach

                 Schools That Have Been Represented at                   Elite College Soccer Camps *
*(They are not at every camp, please check the camp home page for the current updated list)

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 7.22.13 PM.png

UC Santa Barbara




Finally Get Your Answers Here

At Elite College Soccer Camps, we want to give players the best chance to play college soccer.  Less than 10 percent of high school-aged players upon graduation go onto the college level, and our goal is to help our participants get into the top 10 percent of players who do.  To do that, players receive hands-on coaching straight out of the college playbooks of our veteran staff of coaches, this means coaches get to know players on an individual level.  We educate parents on the process, and we help players understand what they need to do as well.  We aim to be the best source for players in the next step of their journey!

Our Mission:

*All of these schools have or will be participating at Elite College Soccer Camps, but not all attend every camp. Please be sure to click the specific camp page for each specific camp to determine if a coach will be in attendance.*

Why are elite soccer camps the smartest choice for you?

  • Our Focus is on getting players the best chance to get recruited, not make as much money as we can.

    • We give away so much value and sacrifice extra profits by keeping camp numbers at a ratio that will allow coaches to learn the most about players possible.​

  • Our camp cost is 1/3 of most three-day camps, which means cost-wise we're similar except at 1/3 the PRICE! 

    • We accomplish everything you need in ONE day, so we give you the same exposure as three-day camps, saving you HUNDREDS of dollars and giving you a more concentrated version of what you actually need. 
    • Coaches can maximize their knowledge of you in ONE-PACKED Day!

    • We cut out the waste, we focus on the activities that matter the most, and make your hard-earned dollars the best choice in the summer.  


  • We have the same or similar top schools as most of the other camps this summer on the west coast.

    • At our camp they'll actually coach you in a practice, they'll coach you in a small-sided tournament, and they'll coach you in a 11v11 game! ​​

    • Plus you'll get an evaluation from them and a college panel led by them about the next steps. 


  • And we are including in your tuition, free 11v11 film for you to use!!

    • That's right, no more parent filming needed, we can do it for you at our camp!!


As Featured On Top Drawer Soccer

With game-film included and an educational workshop on college recruiting, Elite College Soccer Camps offers unrivaled value for players looking to jumpstart their process into the college soccer recruiting journey. The past year of challenges has made the recruiting process more difficult for everyone.  Elite College Soccer Camps are here to help ease some of those fears and provide a personalized one-day training experience for players to get an advantage in their recruiting journey. 

Getting into a college program can seem daunting and often an impossible task. Unless you’re the top player in a major city on a top-level team, where coaches are constantly coming to you and taking you through the process, it can feel like you’re alone sometimes.  Elite College Soccer Camps are the one-stop shop for all recruiting needs. Educating parents on what you should be doing right now to help your sons at whatever stage of recruitment that they are in and educating the players so they know what they should be doing right now, and best of all, Elite College Soccer Camps give players maximum exposure in front of many schools and college coaches that is unmatched in value.


Let us tell you how.

When players go to a tournament, they hope that college coaches are watching, and the truth is that they never really know. Or players send videos out to coaches, again hoping for responses, without ever really knowing who will write back. At Elite College Soccer Camps,  coaches are looking squarely at all players by doing practice sessions with the players. That’s right, a full college practice level session, where the coaches are engaged with each player. You see, at most camps, the coaches sit on the sideline while players just play loads of games, but that’s not a lot different than a tournament, in some cases you’re just paying for one expensive day of hope. But here coaches are engaged in training sessions, so they get to see your son train in the environment of his choosing. 

The coaches train the players in small games (5v5 to 7v7) to learn more about them in a small-game environment. And then, the coaches coach the players in a 11v11 game, with each step along the way coaches getting to know the players better while also clarifying to the player what they need to improve upon with instant feedback. If that wasn’t enough, coaches then meet with the players at the end of the session and give them feedback after the camp is over to answer any questions and give them evaluations on their performance. To top it off,  coaches meet with the group to talk about the recruiting process after lunchtime to help all players better understand the process and steps players need to take immediately after camp. In a continuing theme, Elite Soccer Camps add more value by hosting a parent meeting via zoom or in-person to educate parents on what the very next steps are after camp so all parents leave the camp knowing exactly what their role is and how best to help their sons. 

Remember those hopeful emails we talked about before, well we even talk about how to increase your odds of getting those emails opened, read, and received a reply! While all of that sounds amazing, we will also film games, so all players get free 11v11 footage to send out to other college coaches who cannot attend in person.

Elite College Soccer Camps offer as much value as possible every step of the way.

The camp was designed by a college coach, for a college coach, and with the players’ best interest in mind. It all comes down to if you had the choice between a tournament when a coach could watch your son versus a guaranteed audience of coaches there to work with your son and it’s a no brainer that Elite College Soccer Camps is the best way to go for your son’s recruiting process. We select the best coaches available and have many schools available for each session. When it’s all said and done, there are many reasons to come out to Los Angeles, and Elite College Soccer Camps are one of the best! 

Sign up today to reserve a spot at one of three upcoming camps. Discounts available for groups of five or more and players signing up for multiple camps. 

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Camp Staff includes: Occidental Head Coach Rod Lafaurie and guest coaches*

*NOTE: Refunds will not be granted if there are coaching changes with or without notice.  Of course, we will try to immediately notify you if there is a change from who has confirmed, but it is possible for a coach to confirm and the day of have an emergency that prevents him from attending.

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